Efficient exhaust air cleaning in industrial and commercial applications

Exhaust gas limits must be in compliance with the governmental requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act.

In addition, the requirements for local authorities or complaints by local residents – for example, in the case of increased odor pollution in residential or residential areas – require the preparation of exhaust air. In addition to this, there are economic reasons which necessitate the processing of exhaust air. Thus, heat recovery systems can only be used sensibly in the case of organically contaminated air if a prior cleaning is carried out.

oxylight®PRO - VUV module for exhaust air ducts
oxylight®PRO - VUV module for exhaust air ducts
oxylight®JET -Ozongenerator module based on VUV
oxylight®JET -Ozongenerator module based on VUV

oxylight®PRO and oxylight®PRO JET

Highly efficient exhaust air purification modules for the reduction of VOCs, odors and organic compounds in industrial processes.
The high-power radiation sources developed for oxylight®PRO and PRO JET systems can meet the high requirements for industrial exhaust air purification sustainably and measurably.

The atmosphere is able to purify the air by decomposing organic substances by means of complex photochemical reactions. Hydroxyl radicals are an essential component of the self-purifying power of the atmosphere. These radicals oxidize hydrocarbons and industrial emissions (e.g., VOCs, odors, etc.) including the greenhouse gas methane.

The radicals could be generated efficiently and cost-effectively by oxylightPRO vacuum UV modules. We reliably implement the self-cleaning principle of nature and solve complex tasks for eliminating organic pollution in the exhaust air with a wide range of standard systems.

Typical applictions

Economic sector Examples of plants with frequent odor emissions
 Waste management
Kläranlagen, Deponien, Kompostieranlagen, Biogasanlagen, Altölaufbereitung
Agriculture, rendering (animal carcass disposal)
Animal farming, manure spreading, slaughterhouse, fat melting, bone processing
Food and beverage industry Breweries, roasters (coffee, cocoa), tobacco factories, cuttings drying, coal processing, meat and fish processing
Chemical Industry
Agrarchemy, fat chemistry, petrochemical, plastic chemistry
Coal- and steel industry
Coking plants, foundries, paint shops
Rubber-, Paper industrie Vulcanizing plants, tire manufacturing, viscose production, paper factories
Energy and buildin technology
Building damage caused by molds and ammonia, fire treatment, public toilets / service areas

System layout

The requirements for the exhaust air purification are very different depending on the application area, material concentrations and setpoints. Therefore, the oxylightPRO modules are individually configured for the respective process and reliably designed in coordination with the operator.

We support you through our experienced and competent process engineers and offer you test systems for full and partial volume flows for complex tasks. Trust in our many years of experience in industrial photochemistry and exhaust air treatment.

Ask us, we will support you with pleasure!